Welcome, good Internet traveler! Please, stay by the fire as I read you a tale…

Welcome to Story Time with Mythos.  I’m the guy in the title and your host who is pretending to be sitting in a rocking chair by a fire with a witty grin and a dazzle in his eye.  This blog is dedicated to the stories I write for fun in my free time.  If you happen to have some free time of your own, please check out any of the stories you’ll find on here.  They range from very quick little tales to full novels depending on what gets me antsy in the pantsy ’cause it strikes my fancy.  Mostly, though, you’ll probably find short stories and little snippets that I put up as they’re much easier to write and easier for the reader to digest. Large stories or collections may have their own tags up top you can click on. Let me know what you think and, genuinely, thank you for stopping by.

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