A Sort of Love Story – Chapter Three: Friends of Angels

Sorry about the lack of updates!  I’ve been traveling across the United States while hunting down some jobs.  I moved to a different state in the middle of all of that and now I’m moving again next week but this time, halfway across the country.  It’s been a bit weird and hectic but I’m happy to say I finally have a decent job again and can keep the lights on wherever I’m ending up.  What this means for updates is that I can actually do them now that I have some free time.

This chapter was a little hard to write as I wasn’t sure where to go with the story and had to spend a few days mulling that over.  But now that I have things figured out, both with the story and in my life, I’ll be posting more often and am super excited to start getting into the meat of things after this chapter.  It’s really gonna pick up soon.  Hope you like where the story goes! 


Petra and I left the warehouse and walked through the city.  It was still very late in the evening and the only light around came from the occasional working street lamp that struggled to survive on this run down side of town.  I visit human cities often but I always have a hard time with the names.  Regardless, there wasn’t a soul around as we walked through the decrepit part of town.  Petra led the way, avoiding larger streets and taking us through alleyways until we arrived at a small shop on the edge of the city.  It was dark inside but from what I could see the place seemed to be just a single small room with assorted clothes and odds and ends.  The sign outside read “Gabrielle’s Goods”.  I snorted at the name.  Fitting that she’d take me to a place named after a messenger of God.  Wonderful coincidence, that.

Petra knocked on the glass and waited for a bit.  When no one answered, she knocked again.  I crossed my arms, “You really think someone’s going to be in there?  Isn’t it bedtime for most humans right now? “  I peered through the glass into the dark building, “I don’t exactly see a section for pillows and blankets.”

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