A Sort of Love Story – Chapter Four:  My Kind of Place

I’m finally moved in and settled enough that I could write!  I’m proud to present to you my proudest achievement yet.  A full chapter!  Sure there’s technically no length to a chapter (I mean, Stephen King’s even got a one word chapter in Misery) but this baby showed up as 16 pages by my word processor’s count!  Hot damn, I’m getting better at this!

One last thing, I know it’s been a while so if you’ve been waiting for an update, I highly suggest reading at least the last few lines of the last chapter.  Otherwise, the next line is gonna be a bit random.  Well, more random.


Petra stared at me like I just stepped on a baby but promised her it was dead when I got there.  “…What?”

I held up my hands in front of me, “Hear me out!  I’m a succubus, right?  I need to feed, right?”

Petra narrowed her eyes at me. “I didn’t think you’d get so hungry after ‘eating’ just a few hours ago.”

“That’s not what-” I sighed, “Look, hypothetically if I needed to get a quick meal, what’s the easiest place to convince someone to have sex?  Probably a place where people are already in the mood, right?”

Petra folded her arms, “I see what you’re getting at.  So we go to a brothel and… what?  Wait for a lustful demon to show up and interrogate them?”

“I was going to say ask some questions but sure, whatever floats your boat.  Luckily, we won’t have to wait long.  Most of my kind not only hang out but actually run the seedier of the establishments.  We go to the worst one we can find and we’re bound to be able to get a few answers out of the manager.”

Petra folded her arms, lost in thought, “Well there aren’t any brothels in this area.  The humans’ government has made it illegal.”

I gasped and looked at her, “Why would you do that?  Where does everyone get their rocks off?”

Petra narrowed her eyes at me, “Possibly with their husbands and wives.”

I burst into laughter, “Yeah, you keep telling yourself that.  These mortals have more libido than Rambo has guns.”

“Ram who?”


Petra decided to move on. “Well, they may not have brothels… But they do have things called ‘strip clubs’.”

“Now that is something I know about.  Same rules still apply, too.  The seedier, the better for us finding some demons.  Where’s the nearest one?”

“I’ve heard of one of these somewhere a bit ways from here.  We’ll have to walk.”

“So let’s walk!  The sooner I get this choker off, the better.”

“And the faster I complete this mission and am rid of you.”

I stared angrily at her, “Alright, angel, no need to be petty.”

She returned my gaze with an equal amount of spite, “Let’s go, Lillypad.” Dang.  She got me there.  Thanks to Gabby, my best comeback I had thought of since we left the store meant nothing in the face of my horribly dumb nickname.

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