The Slightly Accurate Tales of College Life – Chapter One: Ah, College Life

This story is probably the most personal I’ve written as it’s written about my life and my friends.  Well, mostly.  A lot happened the four and a half years I went to college and I thought instead of telling things year for year, I’d condense my experiences into one incredibly wild year!  While a good amount of the scenarios and people I write about are fairly accurate, this is an inspired story so not only are the names changed but a lot of the smaller details are as well.  I can assure you, however, that at least thirty percent of what is written is true!  Enjoy a slightly accurate tale about a group of friends in college.

I sat in the back of class attempting to get my spaceship on my monitor to not die on its epic journey taking information about the rebellion to the main base of the empire.  So far, as is usual, I was limping my way across the galaxy with a skeleton crew of two down from the five I had on-board.  It was sad to see my crewmate Wash die as it brought back still sore memories from long ago but after Inara and Mal died, I started to question naming them all after Firefly characters.

I looked up from my failure as a spaceship captain over towards the head of the class to see what the professor was up to.  As usual, she was busy making notes and setting up the slideshow for the class we were currently in.  She furrowed her brow as she looked between the book next to her and the screen in front of her.  This may be her first time teaching after getting her PhD but you’d think that she’d understand that she’s supposed to make the notes and slideshow before the actual class they’re required in.  Regardless, she typed away as the rest of us tried to pass the time.  I looked over the monitor in front of me at a couple of guys a few rows ahead.  They were playing Saints Row and beating random pedestrians to death with overly large and comedically flopping purple sex toys.  The benefits of being in the game design program at college meant the computers were sufficient enough for most games and when the professor is away, the kids will play Saints Row.

I sighed and decided to see what the Internet box had for me in order to pass the time.  I was getting anxious watching the clock and willing it to go faster.  I had a date after class.  Well, a meet up, really, as we were already dating and it wasn’t a particularly special place we’re meeting up.  She decided we’d meet at the coffee shop on campus since she loved the college I went to and never got to see it.  With us at completely different colleges, I lived for these days when we could see each other outside of a computer screen.

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