Oh. My. Starry Eyed Surprise. We Gonna Spread Our Love and Fly.

90s hits aside, I just wanted to announce that there are now two chapters of  A Sort of Love Story released today!  Whoo!  Celebrations!


I know!  Exciting news for everyone, I’m sure.  This actually wraps up a good one third to a half of the story.  At least as I have planned out thus far.  Though, that doesn’t really say much since if you could see my notes, I barely ever have shit planned in advance.  With the exception of one or two scenes, everything after these latest chapters looks like a skeleton of something that resembles a plot with probably six to eight movie references, each one ranging from obscure to just plain weird.  But hey, I’ve bee flying by the seat of my pants for a while now.  Here’s hoping that gets me somewhere in life.  Anyways, I’m off to celebrate completing almost thirty-five pages of story by… Finishing up my lunch and heading back into work.  Whoo… Fun times…

Chapter Five: Flight 2-0-9’er, You are Cleared for Take-off

Chapter Six: The House of the Rising Sun

Chapter Seven:  The House of the Rising Sun

So, fun fact:  I actually wrote a good bulk of the first half of this chapter pretty hungry.  As you read, you’ll see why that’s actually apt to the story.  This wasn’t to get into the mindset of Lilith, though.  I actually just forgot to eat when I got home from work and started writing.  So as the clock started to get towards that 4:00am bedtime, I was really starting to feel lightheaded.  While I’m typing this, I may resort to eating my roommate’s cat.  She’s white and fluffy but she feels like she might actually be pretty lean meat.

Never mind, I just got back from the kitchen.  There was cheese and bread.  All good now.  I won’t have to move again so soon due to awkward circumstances.  On a different topic, you know how you watch the behind the scenes of movies and it’s always weird whenever they actually do the ending scene first?  Yeah, that’s basically how this chapter went.  I had written the ending of this chapter (sans a few major edits) probably around the end of Chapter One or the beginning of Chapter Two.  Then it was several weeks of “Alright, now how the hell do I get Lilith and Petra from Gabby’s to there?”  I had a rough plan but the fun part was filling in all the little details.  I hope you enjoy it because I’ve teased it enough.  By the end of this, shit will have finally gone down.

We flew in silence for some time.  Petra was a little ways ahead of me, still following a path south from where we had taken off.  The wind had picked up again.  In the dark above us, I started to see large black clouds forming.  It was even more perfect for hiding us but looking at their shape, I was hoping we’d find this place before we were drenched.  Those clouds were looking worse and worse the farther south we flew.

The mood hadn’t exactly gotten better since Petra’s heart to hellspawn heart earlier but we were at least both being professional about this:  Petra looked for our destination while I flew behind her pouting.  I didn’t understand it but something was itching at me and it was making me annoyed.  Something about how Petra flinched when I touched her.  I couldn’t shake it but it was bothering me and the fact that it was even bothering me in the first place was bothering me.  Maybe it was because I’m so used to people melting into pleasurable goop when I touched them?  I was so focused brooding I didn’t realize Petra had stopped until she called out to me.  I suddenly realized what had happened and flew back to her.  “What?  What’s up?”

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Chapter Six:  Flight 2-0-9’er, You are Cleared for Take-off.

Alright, so I may or may not have changed the title for Chapter Six.  I also ‘may’ (and this is a big may) or may not have just unapologetically referenced one of my all time favorite films.  You know what?  It’s my story.  I do what I want!  It’s an independent story that don’t need no man!  …You know, besides the writer himself.

In all seriousness, if you’re wondering why I changed the title (or maybe you didn’t notice and are now just confused), it’s because I moved that title over to Chapter Seven!  Chapter Six started to get a little long on me.  I thought that I could cover all the material in one chapter but with how different thematically the trip to the Rising Sun was from the actual experience while there, and also given how much I had written already for when they arrive at The Rising Sun, I figured I may as well make it two chapters.  So good news is you get two for the price of one update!  Whoo!  I could have released  them at different times but I can’t rob you all of that perfect cliffhanger ending in Chapter Six, could I?  Have fuuuuuun!


The wind felt wonderful as it rushed against my face.  Petra and I were flying across the night sky, hidden just below the clouds as they created a dark background above us.  Large gusts of air swept past me quickly, breathing life into my long, dark red wings which had slowly been cramping up.  Succubi can hide their demonic features naturally without having to dip into any reserves of power, but we never liked to do it for long.  Long hours of blending in was killer on your wings unless you get used to it.  Besides when that sorceror let me out to play tonight, it had been awhile since I had to hide amongst humans.

I took the opportunity to glide a bit, coasting on the gusts of wind as they blew me around.  I dipped with the wind and then arced back up, feeling the wind push against my outstretched wings and push me back.  I flapped hard to gain altitude and then dove down, zooming towards the Earth below, feeling the speed as I continued to draw closer.  Finally, I curbed back up, flapping higher until I circled in the air and righted myself.  Oh, it had been way too long.  I was having so much fun.

Petra, on the other hand, was not looking happy.  Though, this may have been a typical look for her as far as I had seen tonight.  It did ruin the wonderful mood I had been in, though.  She flew with purpose, her white and velvety wings flapping only every now and then to push her forward.  In comparison to my free-flying, her style was fitting her mood.  Pouting.  She turned to me yelling over the wind, “You didn’t have to rip my shirt!”

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Scribophile and other methods to constantly take me down a notch


It has occurred to me that I have not left any posts recently to let anyone know what’s going on in the hiz-ouse. This will not do! If you read any of my writing updates, I usually leave a little blurb at the top of the story/chapter/etc. to discuss a few things but I’ve lacked in directly communicating all the things that are going on. So! You may see more of these as I go forward.

As a quick update, everything’s going well I think as far as the beginnings of this site. I have one good long project (A Sort of Love Story) going on that is near and dear to my heart as well as a few side projects (College Life and Side Stories) that I’m hoping to do more with. I’m a little focused on Love Story right now as I’ve got a ton of ideas and a need for writing them down but once I get a little farther on that project, I’ll most likely start working on some of the other things that are rattling around in my head.

Now, a bit of new news!  News new… new- something interesting going on is that I’ve decided to join a website called Scribophile. Basically, the entire site is developed from the ground up with a focus on critiquing others’ work. In fact, you’re not able to even post anything until you’ve already critiqued a few other people.  This builds up enough karma points to post your own stuff as well as forces a bit of communication between the users of the site. I’m giving it a try as I’m fairly lacking in any comments, critiques, or criticism outside of immediate family members and a few close friends and I need someone to tell me just how terrible I really am at the English language.  And hey, if you wanna do that, go ahead and leave some critiques or comments of your own on this site!  I can definitely use them.  Even if it’s just someone saying “Hey”, that at least let’s me know y’all came and visited little ol’ me.  Gives me that little boost to make it through the week.

As far as what that means for this site…

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Chapter Five:  Why Are Sex Dungeons Always in Basements?

Action!  Mystery!  Tastefully Erotic Scenes!  Buzz words!  Here is the when shit begins the act of going down.  We’re ramping up to some good scenes soon.  But first!  Lilith is gonna have to rescue her angelic companion.  And then hopefully they’ll stop being at each other’s throats.  Hopefully.

I’ve been able to write a lot more lately so I’m actually already a good bit into the next chapter.  As long as I keep going at the pace I’m at, I’ll be able to get the next one out soon.  The creative juices are flowing so I want to apologize but I’ll be doubling down on this story for a bit and won’t be updating College Life or the other two or three other stories I’ve written a good chuck of and have been meaning to get out.  So hey, if you like this one, that’s good news!  If you don’t, just give it a bit and I’ll have something new for you.  Until then, though, I hope you enjoy this next chapter!

Now, you may be wondering why I know what happened to Petra.  Actually, I didn’t know at the time.  Afterwards, I squeezed out what she remembered before she passed out through prodding and incessant laughing over the fact she got caught.  I, while this was going on, was attempting to get drunk off of whiskey and lost in my own thoughts, still brooding after fighting with Petra.  I didn’t brood for long, however, as the choker started to act up as they dragged her away.

At first, I thought it was just the whiskey burps that appeared after the second glass but as the stinging sensation in my neck started to move towards something really painful and the choker gave itself some added weight, I started to question if the whiskey was lined with metal.  Realizing what was happening, my brooding erupted into fuming again.  Oh, she was wanting to screw with me more by slowly moving away so I start to choke?  Nope, not having it.  With a mixture of anger and liquid courage giving me a slightly tipsy perspective, I figured it was past time to rip those pretty little wings off of Petra.  I got up from the bar and walked back to where we were before by the front hallway.  After fighting my way through a small crowd coming in from the front entrance, I made it back to find Petra wasn’t there.  I figured as much, given the burning sensation of the choker, but I had my starting point.  Though, I had no idea how to find her from here.

A thought suddenly occurred to me.  I walked towards the bar a bit and noticed the choker started to burn more intensely as I walked away.  I walked back to where Petra and I first came in and the choker slowly felt better.  I smiled to myself.  There was no way she was getting away now.  What was it she said earlier at the warehouse?  Tracking a scent?  Well Lassie’s about to track down Timmy and cut a bitch.

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