“Backstreets Back, Alright!”



As the Backstreet Boys say, “…we’re back again.  Brothers, sisters, everybody sing!”  This is definitely a cause for celebration because you know what?  Staind is letting me know that “It’s been awhile…”  By golly, Beirut‘s agreeing with him and saying that “Well it’s been a long time, long time now…”  It’s been so long, I’ve been going crazy with music references!

I’m sure this will mean as much as to you all as if Hitler said it but:  I’m sorry.  I don’t have an excuse for why this took so long to come out with and I really don’t have a reason other than that I’ve gotten so caught up with the monotony of my life that I felt incredibly apathetic. Basically, you know the beginning of Office Space before Peter Gibbons gets some hypnotherapy and decides he wants more in his life?  Where he’s just driving to work and living day in and day out at his job?  Yeah, that’s basically been my life almost to the letter.


Because of this and because I’m WAY better at writing a joke than a sad(ish) scene, this latest chapter of A Sort of Love Story was probably the hardest thing I’ve had to write.  It’s not complex or intense.  It just weirdly caused me so much trouble to actually get down that between how hard it was to write and a lot of terrible destruction of inspiration in my life, I’ve basically been at a standstill, desperately trying to write this one sentence at a time.

I will say that I have already written a good bit past this chapter, though, because of how stuck I was on it.  I’ve written the last two chapters in the book and have a little bit of a couple others done.  This means that hopefully, I should have the rest out and posted on this site, including the ending within the next few months.  Now that’s a happy twist to this tale!

As always, I hope you enjoy this next chapter, even though it’s taken a while to get out there for people.  I highly recommend re-reading the last chapter just to see what happened last because it has been a bit since the last update.  I will promise more updates more frequently and the rest of the story to be finished within the coming months so stay tuned!


Link to da chaptah!


And with that, I leave you all to sleep.  As of this writing, it’s five in the morning and I have to be up for work in six hours.



Chapter Eight:  The Calm During the Storm

Raindrops began to trickle down to the city.  The storm that had been threatening in the south swept over.  Black clouds flew quickly, surrounding the city as the sky poured down to the streets.  Lightning and thunder complemented each other, illuminating the night sky and bringing low bass to round out the symphony of rain.  If it were any other night, it would be beautiful…  but it wasn’t.  It was cold.  It was dark.  I felt exactly like I had been through Hell.  Trust me.  I grew up in that neighborhood.

I held Petra up as best as I could.  The wound on her side was bleeding badly.  Between that and quickly teleporting us away to the edge of the city, I figured she wasn’t going to be holding herself up anytime soon.  We walked silently through the rain, the only sound being the occasional directions Petra managed to whisper to me.  It took us what felt like hours to make our way through the city.  The sun would be up soon but with the storm above us, we wouldn’t be able to see it.  After what felt like a millenia, we arrived.  A small shop on one side of town with a cheesy sign above it:  Gabrielle’s Goods.

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