Dreams During Vacation are Weird (New Story!)



So hey!  Just came back from a long family trip and actually managed to be a bit productive for once while I was gone!  I know!  It was surprising for me too!  Hehe… Haaa…

Self-detriment aside, I give you The Enigma of Eva, a short story about a movie star and a certain member of the press who will do just about anything for an interview.
It was about the third or fourth night of the trip, I went to bed and had a dream which is basically almost word for word the first half of this story.  And while many people would normally have strange dreams where they’re flying through the city like Spider-man but all of a sudden get caught in there own web while Doctor Octopus teaches them the true meaning of hentai, I had this dream!  Personally, while I’m happy with this story right now, I probably would have enjoyed some sweet time with Doc Oc.  He has the capability of the unknown “Triple Gentle Embrace”.  So sweet and tender.

I digress.  This was an attempt at practicing dialogue and using it almost entirely as a means for story progression.  Hope you enjoy this one!  I’m planning on have a lot of A Sort of Love Story coming soon so stayed tune!




The Enigma of Eva

Eva threw the photographer over the porch railing and into the yard, already adding to the bruises and cut marks he had.  His thousands of dollars of equipment followed him in hundreds of broken pieces, reflecting the light of the open front door in the dead of night.  “You want my nude shots? Ask my agent.  He has the whole damn shoot with Playboy!”

The photographer tried to crawl away but Eva quickly walked up and kicked him in the stomach.  He doubled over on his side, groaning.  Eva put her heel on his side reaching inside the pocket on her dress.  “But if I so much as smell that disgusting breath of yours in my shower again, I promise you the cops won’t find you buried till I’m long dead.”

She pulled out her taser from her pocket and shot him in the side.  The photographer spasmed on the ground for a few seconds.  Eva looked around, bored, hoping he didn’t have a buddy in the bushes. Finally, she released the trigger.  She tossed the taser next to him and then reached inside her pocket again.  Eva grabbed a couple twenties and threw them on the ground next to his face.

“A cab is on its way.  I suggest you take it.”

The photographer could only groan in response.  Eva headed for the door.  Just before shutting it, she stopped.  She turned around, a smile on her face that didn’t quite reach the eyes.  “And thank you for tonight.  This was a great stress reliever after this week.”

Eva waved as she closed the door behind her.

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