A new short story!

What’s that? I’m finally updating?


I’ve been in a bit of a fog and haven’t written for a while. Good news is I am still working on Love Story but I had a new idea come to me while was taking a break on Love Story and decided to shower. Shower thoughts are the best.

It’s a play! Well, the script for a play. However, the way it’s formatted on paper is actually important to the story. (Though, this website removes all of the indenting)

It’s a play called First Initials and has to do with three men in a very minimalist room arguing over some writing. This is actually a very personal story for me because while none of the people in the story are real, I know them all too well, personally. Oscar’s a bit of a self-insert for me. I won’t give away the plot before people read it but I will say be WARNED: There is a lot of LANGUAGE and some nasty shit that goes down. This is for a purpose.

Well, I hope you guys enjoy it. It’s a hard read compared to my usually more happy-go-lucky stuff on here but I like it just the same. More stuff to come, soon!

Small little note, I’m changing the “Prologue” chapter of A Sort of Love Story to be just the first chapter. It’s not really a prologue and that’s been bugging me. As such, the actual numbered chapters are all going up by one. It’s all the same story. I’m just fixing the numbering.

Also, I just finished an article on my other blog that I have with my two best friends. You can read that and the new story below!


First InitialsRead Here!

Jinrui – The Morality of the Fae – Read Here!

First Initials


[It’s a dark room.  There’s a single table with a single chair at it and a single light source above the table.  Oscar sits at the table, writing on a piece of paper.  He’s very obviously troubled and stressed beyond belief.

Hovering over his shoulder and looking at what he’s writing is a man named Charles.  He’s tapping his feet, very obviously annoyed.  He exudes negative energy and his violent nature is shown by his constant movement (he can’t sit still) and how he towers over Oscar.

One the other side of Oscar is Dave.  He’s calm, leaning on the table but giving Oscar space.  He’s not looking at the piece of paper and is instead staring at the two other people in the room.  He treats Oscar, his friend, with respect but has no patience for Charles.  They’ve never gotten along.

Regardless of their dress, all three of them have stickers with their names written on them, saying “Hello!  My name is:  ___.”]


Oscar: I don’t understand…

Charles: Again!

Dave: Don’t listen to him.


Oscar: I’m trying to do what you’re telling me!

Charles: Well, you’re getting it wrong!

Dave: He’s just messing with you, Oscar.  Don’t let him.  Listen, lay off him, Charles.  Alright?


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