My Friend is Very Strange

My friend is very strange.  We are not from the same species.  In fact, everything about them is very alien to me.

We live in the same place we both call home.  Though, my friend tends to leave it from time to time to visit others of his kind.  Still, my friend always returns and makes sure to pick up groceries from time to time as well.  He is a good roommate.

My friend and I like to eat together.  We can’t eat the same food, as it seems his body can’t have the same thing as me.  However, he is always open to letting me try some of his. It’s very… different, though.  Some of it seems the same but… changed? The food smells strange to me. Strange food for a strange species, I guess.

My friend and I enjoy to give each other our space.  I usually use this time to exercise or just take a nap as I don’t have many hobbies.  My friend will sometimes play with me, though. I enjoy these times a lot. Other times, he will simply watch the screen.  I don’t enjoy the screen as much as he does so I usually don’t stick around for long.

We do spend a lot of time together, though.  My friend knows that I tend to get itchy. He will scratch my back for me as it’s hard to reach, at times.  I always appreciate this. His strange limbs are more flexible than mine and bend in ways mine can’t so he’s able to help me out immensely, even reaching stuff I can’t.  It’s weird to watch how his arms move but I can’t take for granted how amazing it feels to get rid of that itch.

Sometimes, my friend is very sad.  I can tell because he’ll want to cuddle with me.  I don’t always enjoy this but when I see him sad, I allow it.  Sometimes, it’s nice to spend time next to each other and I can understand feeling alone.

My friend and I weren’t always together.  There was a while when I had no home. When I was young, I lost my mother.  I don’t know what happened to my brothers and sisters but I never really saw them.  For a long while, I was alone, outside on the streets. There were good people that would care for me but they didn’t always stick around.  And sometimes, some of the people that I found weren’t always nice…

My friend and I found each other after a while.  He offered me a place to stay and allowed me to shower up and clean myself.  I’m not a fan of baths but it felt great to be clean after so long. I was very wary of him for a bit but we became close friends and soon we became inseparable, so I finally decided to stay.  We’ve been roommates since. I will always appreciate what my friend did for me.

There are days when I think about my time outside, especially during those days that its raining and storming.  I’ve had a fear of storms for so long from being out in them by myself. It took me a while to really feel safe.  However, when I’m always scared, my friend is there for me. He speaks softly and pets my head. It may seem demeaning to some but I find the warmth of the gesture and his care very soothing.  He is always there for me, especially in my darkest times.

It’s hard for me to admit it, and I don’t know if I always show him, but I do love my friend.

Even if he is human.