Visiting an Old Friend

An old, beat up green car bounced and bumped its way along a gravel road through the trees.  Each clank of the bumpers hitting the sides of the potholes put the woman driving on edge as she desperately tried to navigate her way safely over the path.  Her jaw had started hurting from the amount she had been gritting her teeth as she bounced along into the forest. Each time the old car skipped on a bump, she could hear the metal shaking all along the frame of the old vehicle.  The car had seen better days and even those were a memory from decades ago.

The woman had been driving for well over thirty minutes through the forest but finally, had found the place.  A small house appeared around a bend in the road. The woman begged the poor car to keep sputtering for just a bit longer as she rounded the bend and pulled into the yard out front.

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