A Sort of Love Story

A Sort of Love Story is a tale about a demon and her involuntary change of career to a part time good guy.  Each sexy chapter is collected here for your enjoyment.  Click on the links below to read any of the chapters.  I’ll also try to make sure once you go into a chapter, there will always be a link to the next chapter if it’s been posted.  Hope you enjoy!

Preview / Chapter One – A Sort of Love Story

Chapter Two:  Let’s Make a Deal

Chapter Three:  Friends of Angels

Chapter Four:  My Kind of Place

Chapter Five:  Why Are Sex Dungeons Always in Basements?

Chapter Six:  Flight 2-0-9’er, You are Cleared for Take-off

Chapter Seven:  The House of the Rising Sun

Chapter Eight:  The Calm During the Storm

Chapter Nine:  Dante Sleeps (And Dreams of an Inferno) [Working on it now!]


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