About Me

Quick synopsis of a human being:  I was born in a small town and lived in a lonely world until I took a midnight train and ended up here.  I write stuff for fun in the hopes that I’ll be able to bring joy to people through what I make, whether that’s joy from reading a good story or joy because you find it laughably terrible, that’s up to you!

When I’m not writing stories for this site, I’m also writing blog articles on random ideas about anime on The Backloggers.  I also watch said anime as well as many other forms of entertainment including movies, tv shows, and animation from across the globe.  I enjoy video games and went to school for creating them, now having a degree in computer programming.  I also like to listen to music from a lot of genres and compose some on the side when I get the chance which I hope someone out there enjoys someday.

Along with the above Backloggers link, you can find me at Myanimelist for my list of anime, Soundcloud for the music I write, and Twitter for random retweets and tasteful but slightly erotic computer programming gifs from time to time.

Wanna send me a positive message or tear down my low self-esteem?  Post a comment below!

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