Little Discussions

On my other blog, I write a lot of in-depth discussions on anime and the different ideas and themes that are in them.  I like making these little posts where I discuss a singular topic and share my feelings on it.  Sadly, that blog is pretty much reserved for anime discussions and just anime discussions.  So since I have nowhere else to put these, I thought I’d start a page on here for little discussions on different things about writing.  This is mostly for myself, as just getting any writing out helps me feel less apathetic and helps me to jump start writing for other things like my different stories.  However, if someone else finds these helpful to them, awesome!  I’d love to help people out.  I’m no expert writer or anything but a little comment on something I’ve seen about writing may help others, which I’d love to do.  And if you think these are total bullshit, well then hey, call me out on it!  So here’s a few thoughts on writing:


…And They Lived Happily Ever After – Starting with the Ending