The Enigma of Eva

A short story about a movie star and a certain member of the press who will do just about anything for an interview.

It was about the third or fourth night of a big family vacation trip.  I went to bed and had a dream which is basically almost word for word the first half of this story.  And while many people would normally have strange dreams where they’re flying through the city like Spider-man but all of a sudden get caught in there own web while Doctor Octopus teaches them the true meaning of hentai, I had this dream!  Personally, while I’m happy with this story right now, I probably would have enjoyed some sweet time with Doc Oc.  He has the capability of the unknown “Triple Gentle Embrace”.  So sweet and tender.

I digress.  This was an attempt at practicing dialogue and using it almost entirely as a means for story progression.  Hope you enjoy this one!



The Enigma of Eva